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Disneyland & California Adventure

We have the lowest Disneyland ticket prices in the Western USA. We know because we check the competition!

We will BEAT competitors promotions such as "Adults at Kids Prices" by at least $1 per ticket. Just ask us to compare the "Adults at Kids Prices" promotion to see if it saves you money! You can also "Buy Now & Pay Later" for as low as $50 per person.


  Adult Child
2 day Non Hopper $195 $183
2 day Hopper $239 $228
3 day Non Hopper $263 $250
3 day Hopper* $307 $295
4 day Non Hopper $281 $266
4 day Hopper $327 $311
5 day Non Hopper $296 $281
5 day Hopper $331 $316

- Price includes all tax and all fees! 

*For only $23 more buy a 5 day Southern California City Pass that includes a 3 Day Hopper plus Sea World and Lego Land!

**FREE $400 Anaheim Coupon Booklet (one per family) with each order. Save on meals
museums & attractions! Prices include all tax! Pay with any major credit card or check.

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  Adult Child
Disney Premium Character Dining $47 $28
Disney Regular Character Dining $38 $22


**3, 4, and 5 day Park Hopper tickets come with one Magic Morning & $400 Value Anaheim Area Coupon booklet

Call Toll Free 801.544.1800 for information or purchase. Tickets are emailed to you within 5 minutes of purchase.
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Disney Mickey Mania Sale

Southern California City Pass

(includes 3 day Disney Park Hopper & 1 day Sea World, 1 day LegoLand)

  Adult Child
California City Pass $339 $310
Sea World $72 $72
LegoLand $109 $104

We BEAT competitors prices on Disney & Southern Callifornia City Pass tickets!
* Price includes all tax and all fees! 

Call Toll Free 801.544.1800 for information or purchase.
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