At Snelgrove Travel, honeymoons and destination weddings are our specialty. We have 
packages to fit any budget. Did you find something on Expedia, Orbitz or elsewhere on 
the internet? Call us at (801) 544-1800 and tell us what you found because we BEAT internet 
Click on these videos below to get some ideas then call us to buy local and save!
Honeymoons under $500 per person:
-3 nights San Fransisco 
Honeymoons under $750 per person:
-Air & 4 nights Cancun
-Air & 4 nights Puerto Vallarta
Honeymoons under $1,000 per person:
-Air & 6 nights Cancun or Hawaii
Honeymoons under $1,500 per person:
-Air & 5 nights Costa Rica
-Air & 7 nights Maui
Honeymoons under $2,500 per person:
-Air & 5 nights Sandals Jamaica
-Air & 5 nights Tahiti
Destination Weddings...Yes we do those as well
How about a destination wedding? A destination wedding is the wedding 
ceremony and honeymoon are combined into one package. Your close friends 
and family can come along. The average wedding reception in Utah is $8,600. 
A destination wedding is much more affordable.
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