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Q. Can I get discount Disneyland tickets at Costco? Does Costco offer discount Disneyland tickets?

On occasion, we will be asked about Costco Disneyland tickets or if Costco has discount Disneyland tickets. The answer is Disneyland tickets are no longer available at Costco warehouses. Even at full price. Costco is a wonderful company and sells lots of great stuff, however, Disneyland tickets are not something Costco sells either online or at their warehouses. On rare occasions Disneyland tickets are available at Southern California Costco, but only for Southern California residents with a California ID.

Q. Since there are no discount Disneyland tickets from Costco, does Snelgrove Travel offer discount tickets?

The answer is yes! Snelgrove Travel started up business in 1999 and began selling Disneyland discount tickets in 2011. We have thousands of happy customers who come back year after year to Snelgrove Travel for discounts on Disneyland Tickets and complete packages. They may be Costco fans, as we all are, but they come to Snelgrove Travel for Disneyland and Walt Disney World discounted tickets & complete packages!


From discount tickets to complete Disneyland packages, Snelgrove Travel is THE place for value and service. We invite you to compare and save! Our discount Disneyland tickets are good every single day of the year with no blackout dates! However, due to the current COVID situation reservations are required at Disneyland for the days you choose. Even better, you can purchase our discount Disneyland packages with a low down payment. Be sure to check Disneyland park availability before purchasing your Discount Disneyland Tickets from Snelgrove Travel.