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Adult & Kids Discount
3 Day Non-Hopper Base $10.00 OFF
3 Day Hopper $10.00 OFF
4 Day Non-Hopper Base $13.00 OFF
4 Day Hopper $13.00 OFF
5 Day Non-Hopper Base $15.00 OFF
5 Day Hopper $15.00 OFF
6 Day Non-Hopper Base $15.00 OFF
6 Day Hoppper $15.00 OFF
7 Day Non-Hopper Base $15.00 OFF
7 Day Hopper $15.00 OFF
10 Day Non-Hopper Base $20.00 OFF


Click here for Disneyworld ticket prices for your travel dates--then call Snelgrove Travel to apply your discount of up to $20 on adults + kids tickets.

Before purchasing Disney World Orlando tickets, click here to check availability. Then shortly after your purchase, make your park reservations here.

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Click here for Universal ticket prices for your travel dates... then call Snelgrove Travel to apply your discount of $12 on all adult & kid prices! 

*Prices subject to change based on inventory levels. Once purchased, tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable*

*Tickets must be purchased at least 4 days prior to arrival*